About us

Laboratory Pharmax was established in 2017, Pharmax include professional pharmacists, technologists, and the most advanced equipment. The laboratory began with the release of the most demand and popular steroids on the market. In creating a line of our products, took part a number of professionals in the field of pharmaceuticals, taking into account the feedback and recommendations of professional athletes in bodybuilding and powerlifting. As a result, Pharmax can present a quality product that is in demand in all
All the products of Pharmax are made of the highest quality raw materials, each new batch of raw materials before the start of production is tested for all quality standards. We have the most advanced equipment for checking the purity of raw materials. As a result, only raw materials with a purity factor of 99% are allowed to be produced. All the additional components that are part of our products also have the highest quality.

Protection of our products




To protect against counterfeiting of our products, we use many degrees of protection, among them:

· For injection preparations, caps with the logo of our company
· For tableted, protective aluminum inserts with the Pharmax logo
· Vials with the first autopsy indicator
· Boxes with embossing
· Holograms with a unique security code, which you can check on our website and make sure of the authenticity of the product.

Products Pharmax has established itself as a quality product that has found the most positive reviews among athletes from around the world.
By purchasing Pharmax preparations you choose a high-quality product that will give you the desired effect.